Sunday, July 31, 2011

China Glaze Kaleidoscope Him Out

Oh, we finally had a sunny day... I'm not keen on heat, but still, a complete month of July with rain and low temps, that was quite depressing. Hopefully August will be better, cannot really be worse anyway! So, sunshine means... holo!! Today's pick is China Glaze Kaleidoscipe Him Out. Not the most in your face holo ever, but I wanted a blue one to match my outfit, and it's the only one I have. You see it here with three coats, no top-coat.

Application is easy, and contrarily to some stronger holos like the OMG collection or the Nfu Oh ones, there's no problem of holes or polish dragging when you pass over the same spot. The Kaleidoscope collection is pretty much sold out, but you can still find some of them here and there on Ebay for reasonable prices (I paid 10$ for this one with shipping costs). I have a couple of others from the same collection, as well as some OMGs and Nfu Ohs, they will show up when the sun comes out again!
That's all for today folks!

Minnie's Beauty Minute - Philosophy "Sweet on You" beauty set

It's Sunday again, so it's time for another Minnie's Beauty Minute, with a lovely set from Philosophy "Sweet on You" that was released for Valentine's Day. 
This comes from the sales because honestly, with the tons of shower/bath gels and moisturizers that are in the bathroom, getting this set at full price wasn't necessary. It is composed of two 4fl.oz/ 120ml bottles, one bath/shower gel and one body lotion, and one lipgloss, all with a candy heart flavour and comes in a cute box: 

I will first review the lipgloss since it's a bit apart from the other two items. As often with Philosophy products, the smell is lovely, reminiscent of watermelon. It's very glossy, so very sticky and while you definitely feel moisture when you put it on, it doesn't last, but that's just another excuse to apply it more often!!
The real crush in this set is the showergel/body lotion set. We do not have candy hearts in France, but the sweet smell with a touch of liquorice takes me back to one of my favourite places on Earth:

 The Boardwalk Candy Palace on Main Street in Disneyland Paris. I love this place, not so much because of the products, they are pretty much the same as you find everywhere on the park, but because of the "scenery", the atmosphere, the sense of detail... yeah, I could go on all day, and a visit at the park is never complete without a moment in that shop.
Needless to say I love this set, but while the smell isn't overwhelming once it's on your skin, I could understand it'd be a bit too much for some people. Personally, I'm eagerly waiting for the full size bottles to be available in France!
Moisture-wise, the body lotion is a bit thicker than the ones I usually use (either my perfume one or the body purees from the Body Shop), it's halfway between a lotion and a butter.
As I said before, I didn't need this set when it came out so I wouldn't have paid 23 euros, but at half-price, it made me discover what is now my favourite line of Philosophy products (and I've tested a couple, but I'll tell you about that another time).
Have a nice Sunday!


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