Monday, September 19, 2011

Minnie's Roses

No post yesterday, neither from me nor from Minnie, we both had a busy week-end, each with our families. So to make up for that, I'm gonna show you the nail-art roses I did on Minnie last week, with the technique I showed you a few days before. The pictures are crappy but they were taken on the train (no time for proper pictures, nor for thorough clean-up...). This is one coat of Bubble Bath, one of Makes Men Blush, and the roses were drawn with From Monop' With Love and Alpine Snow, all from OPI.

Pas de message hier, ni de moi, ni de Minnie, nous avons été trop occupées, le week-end a été passé en famille, chacune de notre côté. Pour me faire pardonner, je vais vous montrer le nail-art roses que j'ai fait sur Minnie la semaine dernière, avec la technique que je vous ai montrée la semaine dernière. Les photos sont pourries, elles ont été prises dans le train (je n'ai pas eu le temps de bien nettoyer non plus...). On a une couche de Bubble Bath, une de Makes Men Blush, et les roses sont faites avec From Monop' With Love et Alpine Snow, tous d'OPI (base et top-coat of course!).


  1. wait a second! Have you drawn the roses yourself????

  2. Yes Ma'am!! It's amazingly easy when you know the technique (I put a link in my post from the 13th) and the result is impressive :)

  3. I've just watched the tutorial and that's IMPRESSIVE!!!! It seems really easy to do, I have to try it sometimes!

  4. i saw this method and you did it well :)

  5. Saori: merci, un compliment venant de toi sur du nail-art, ça me touche beaucoup!!



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