Thursday, August 18, 2011

Deadly Sins in your Bathroom

In spite of having a lot of things to show you that concerns nails and hands, I always had in mind to make this blog not only about nails but about beauty in general (and maybe I'll add things once in a while about "brain beauty" as well). At first, I thought I would just throw in some products review here and there, but it's very easy to fall into a habit of "apply polish, take pics, upload pics, write articles" and if I don't set up a regular pattern for beauty products, I'll never do it. Yes, there is Minnie's Beauty page on Sundays, but while we do use some products in common, it's her page, her impressions, and I don't want to intrude (just replace her when she doesn't have time - no MBM this coming Sunday either, things should go back to normal next week)
So after a month of blogging, I introduce the Magic Recipe section. This will probably end up on Wednesdays, but I had no time for it yesterday, so this week, it's on Thursday. I will also probably make it an "only post of the day" thing: so far I've tried to publish one polish post per day (try and say that 1000 times? ;) ), but while I can do that when it's someone else doing the section of the day (Minnie or the Friends' Fridays, which should soon serve its original purpose of publishing pics from non-blogging friends), it's a lot of work to do two posts in a day, so when I talk beauty, I won't talk nails!
Damn, that's quite an introduction! So, I will launch this section with a funny and original tag I've taken from Teddy on Planète Beauté. I shall have to tell you more about Teddy one day, but this post is already very long, so straight to the tag: Your 7 beauty deadly sins.